Endless Space 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 115 unknown)

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Getting Schooled

Level up a Hero to level 10

Ad Astra!

Play for 300 turns, across any number of playthroughs

Labs and Fabs

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 Science

Massively Massive Mass Production

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 Industry

Friends With Benefits

Have three mutually beneficial agreements active at the same time between you and another empire

We Hit Pay Dust!

Have 3 Trade Companies that are level 7 or higher

Corridors of Power

Have one system which produces more than 500 Influence

Graduation Day

Level up a Hero to level 20


Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 Food

Baby Steps

Win a game in Sandbox or higher difficulty against AI

Cash Cow

Have 1 system which produces more than 1 000 Dust

Sophon'd Of Science

As the Sophons, research 10 technologies with a 50% Omniscience bonus in a single game

Strategically Loaded

Have 100 of each strategic resource

Training Wheels

Win a game in Easy or higher difficulty against AI

Just Warming Up

Win a game in Normal or higher difficulty against AI

Heroic Patience

Play for 1,000 turns, across any number of playthroughs

A Small Loan of a Million Dust

Gain 1 000 000 Dust, across any number of playthroughs

Vive la Révolution !

Have four laws active at the same time in a game where you've changed your government type and leading party at least once

Absolute Power

Complete the United Empire faction lore quest

Brains Over Brawn

Unlock the whole Science and Exploration technology quadrant in a single game

Scrooge McDust

Gain 2 000 000 Dust, across any number of playthroughs

Cornering the Market

Unlock the whole Economy and Trade technology quadrant in a single game

The Art of War

Unlock the whole Military technology quadrant in a single game

Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!

Destroy 4 Pirate Lairs in a single game

Stellar Utopia

Unlock the whole Empire Development technology quadrant in a single game

I need to mine

Reach 100 Bandwidth

Whatever the Cost, Whatever the Effort

Win with the United Empire

The Final Frontier

Be the first to explore 100% of the Galaxy

The Cake Was Delicious

Complete the Sophons faction lore quest

Maybe It Does Buy Happiness

Win an Economic Victory

Sins of the Fathers

Win the Academy Quest on the Defender side

Branching Out

Complete the Unfallen faction lore quest

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Win the Academy Quest on the Rejuvenator side

Back to School

Discover the Academy with a Hero-led fleet

King Midust

Gain 4 000 000 Dust, across any number of playthroughs

The Unstoppable Force

Win a Conquest Victory

Dice with the Universe

Win a Science Victory

Bow Before Me!

Win a Supremacy Victory

By Our Grace You Were Elevated

As the Vodyani, leech at least 500 Essence in one turn

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Colonize one of each type of planet in one game - by C0ldSn4p

Lost and Found

Complete the Vaulters faction lore quest

What If There Is No Tomorrow?

Complete the Riftborn faction lore quest

Aurigan Trail

Control a trade route leading from your starting star system to the system containing the legendary planet Auriga - by Ishmishmish

They Have Always Been First

Win with the Sophons

Numbers. They Don't Lie.

Win a Score Victory

Strove, Sought, Found, Did Not Yield

Win a game in Hard or higher difficulty against AI

Feel the Glory

Win a Wonder Victory

I Smell Burning Redsang

Win a game without ever capturing a system after a successful ground battle

It Will Not End with Fire

Win with the Unfallen

Don’t Ever Take Sides Against the Family Again

Complete the Lumeris faction lore quest

Virtually Endless

Complete the Cravers faction lore quest

Order and Balance

Win with the Riftborn

All for One…

As Horatio, splice the genes of at least 6 populations in a single game

The Other Clone Wars

Complete the Horatio faction lore quest

I Know the Families

Win with the Lumeris

My People, the Vaulters

Win with the Vaulters

I Did It My Way!

Win with a Custom Faction

The Root of the Problem

In a single game, invade 5 enemy systems benefiting from being entwined with Unfallen Vines and un-entwine them

Laying Down the Law

Spear of Isyander - Destroy an enemy Fleet of at least 20 CP with the Academy attack Master Fleet

Yin and Yang

As the Sophons, assimilate the Mavros minor civilization by assisting them through a Quest

They Saw Madness - I Found Genius

Win with Horatio

We Will See The Heretic Drown in His Blasphemies

Win with the Vodyani

Thank god they use USB too

Hack an enemy Home System without passing or starting through any node you own

Barely Broke a Sweat

Win a game in Serious or higher difficulty against AI

Roach Control

As the Vaulters, teleport a Fleet of 7 CP (or more) to a Pirate Lair

I Am the Eternal End

Win by eliminating all the other empires

Endless Day

You have unlocked the Endless archivist; the being that watches the watchers…

To the Death

Destroy an enemy Behemoth with a fleet containing a Juggernaut

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Complete the Vodyani faction lore quest

We Spared No Expense

Own 1 Obliterator, 1 Juggernaut and 1 Citadel at once

Through the Looking Glass

As the Riftborn, form an Alliance with 3 non-Riftborn empires

Still Hungry

Win with the Cravers

Umbral Wisdom

Complete the Umbral Choir faction quest

Piece of (True) Cake

Win a game in Impossible or higher difficulty against AI

Tree Huggers

As the Unfallen, extend Vines to 5 systems of an empire with whom you have signed a Peace agreement

I'll Bite Your Legs Off!

Win a game never winning a battle - by Kweel_Nakashyn


As the Unfallen, assimilate the Eyder minor civilization into your empire

Semper Fidelis

Complete the Hissho faction lore quest

The Learner Is Now the Master

Win a game in Endless difficulty against AI

I've Got a Jar of Dust

Buy 5 Pirate Marks in a single game

I'm the Captain Now

Use Boarding Pods to hijack a Pirate Ship

Et Tu, Brute?

Use Privateers to secretly attack a fleet or a system belonging to a member of your Alliance

For Honor

Win as the Hisshos

Buying Elections

As the Lumeris, use Dust to help the Pacifist party three times during elections in a single game

Endleus Vult!

As the Vodyani, destroy another Vodyani's Ark and recover the wreck for yourself


Destroy 3 enemy fleets of at least 4 CP with the same invisible fleet

Rule from the Shadows

Win as the Umbral choir

The Eighth Plague

As the Cravers, fully deplete all the planets of 3 systems you captured from your opponents

The Empire's Death Star

As the United Empire, destroy a Terran planet by firing a Carrier's Core Cracker

Is It Overheating Yet?

Fire one single Obliterator twice in the same turn

Cogito Argosy

As the Vaulters, colonize Auriga and assign OPBOT as its System Governor

88 MPH!!!

As the Riftborn, use a Fold Singularity to keep a fleet moving after warping through a Wormhole

No Mercy

Assimilate the Sisters of Mercy minor faction by invading their system

Not a Scratch

Use a Behemoth to reassemble all the planets in a system destroyed by an Obliterator or Core cracker

By Your Command

As the United Empire use your influence to research Liquid Composites and buy a Carrier ship in the same turn

The Spider

Own at least 1 Sanctuary in 5 opponent Empires

There Can Be Only Me

As Horatio, invade the home system of another Horatio player

It's treason, then

Have one of your planets be empty after using the "Raid" action

Are You Entertained?

As a Hissho, destroy at least 20 CP in less than one phase of space battle


Abduct the entire population of an enemy star system

The seed is strong

Have an enemy system filled with 5 Sleepers you own

Dust. Powerful Stuff.

As the Lumeris, sell 3 of your outposts in a single game

Perfect Warriors

Have the 4 honorable actions active at once

Endless Gamer

Play for 10,000 turns, across any number of playthroughs


Complete all the base game faction lore quests (Sophon, Cravers, Vodyani, Lumeris, United Empire, Horatio, Riftborn and Unfallen)

Eternal Glory

Win with the Hissho without having ever been under 50% Keii

Prophetic Perfection

Complete the Nakalim faction quest


Displace your Home system to each different Special node type in the Galaxy

Making Amends

Lots of reparation - Accumulate 20000 amount of reparations to the Academy, and then get a clean slate

Academic Pursuits

Take control of the Academy's Home System by force

Righteous Reliquary

As a Nakalim gather 50 Relics through a match

So Shall It Be

Win as Nakalim


Roles collector - Became all 4 Roles of the Academy in a single match

Not For Profit

As Master of Dust, gift 15000 amount of Dust in a single match

Shared Vision

Galaxy Academization- As a Nakalim help the Academy control over half of a huge galaxy