Graveyard Shift achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Bat Eyes

Kill three ghosts with one mushroom

Magic Combiner

Throw 100 mushrooms

Noob Exorcist

Kill 100 ghosts

Mushroom Collector

Collect 250 mushrooms

Magic Keeper

Throw 100 mushrooms

Homicidal Exorcist

Kill 250 ghosts

Mushroom Storage

Collect 500 mushrooms

Getting Started

Score a 100

Complete Easy

Complete game in easy mode

Magic Conoseur

Throw 500 mushrooms

Mushroom Hoarder

Collect 1000 mushrooms

Getting Into It

Score a 1000

Master Exorcist

Kill 500 ghosts

Complete Normal

Complete game in normal mode

Complete Hard

Complete game in hard mode

Getting A Life

Score a 10000