Reef Shot achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Dive One

Learn the ropes.

Zero to Hero

See the Japanese wreck.

Radio Silence

Get lost in the cave and come back safe.


Meet the French American.

Trail of Fire

See what the volcano buried.

Heads Will Roll

Snoop around the ruined town.

Trail of Sacrifice

Take the difficult path.

Writing on the Wall

Discover the name of the City.


Explore the tomb of the king.

Man on a Table

Stand in front of the altar.

The Prophecy

Find the treasure of the City of Gold.

Wrath of God

Look Neptune in the eyes.


Photograph the unicorn.

The Warrior

Swim past the guardian of Truth.

Fish Hunt

Get them all.

Tomb Raider

Explore the crypts.


Visit the armory.