Planetary Annihilation achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Use more than 95% of the metal and energy you produce in a match

Fully Operational

Activate an annihilaser

Jack of All Trades

Build every kind of basic factory


Start a game with a custom system

One Down

Eliminate a faction in galactic war


Discover a new loadout in galactic war

Against All Odds

Win against three times as many players

Galactic Annihilation

Annihilate your opposition throughout the galaxy

Team Player

Participate in ten team games

Technological Terror

Destroy five enemy planets with annihilasers

World Ender

Smash five enemy planets

Field Commander

Manage your armies with all ten control groups


Kill a commander within five minutes, five times

Him or Me

Target an incoming planet with an annihilaser


Watch competitive play for two hours as a spectator

One of Each

Build every kind of unit


Keep tabs on your conquest with ten camera anchors


Build every structure in a single game


Watch competitive play for eight hours as a spectator