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No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Responsibility Stool

Sit on the Responsibility Stool.

Call to Adventure

Take the scroll.

Interworld Road

Merge roads for the first time.

Mother Leh

Survive the Innkeeper's attack.

Kissing Magic

Everyone needs to try it.

Unknown Story

Tell a story that nobody's heard before.

King of Bards

Persuade the King of Bards.


Defeat Laziness.

Madlen's Song

Become a true hero.

Fall of Avarange

Save the refugees.


Make yourself useful.


Get all the answers.

Neither Snow, Nor Rain

Restore the banner.

Worlds' Remnants

Put together the scroll.

Poor Yorick

Meet with Yorick.

Second Princess

Find the second princess.

First Princess

Find the first princess.

Don't Touch the Glow Bottle