Dragonpath achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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The Pact

Became a servant of the Dragon. The long path awaits...

DIY Enchantment

Used a scroll to enchant an item.


Carved a path through 100 foes.

Chapter I

The bandits are no more.


Broke 100 crates and other debris which were plotting your downfall.

Bandit Raid


Banished a vengeful spirit.

Chapter III

The dead may rest again.

Chapter II

Hope lost.

Chapter IV

The Dragon's nemesis has fallen.

Youn Defied

Enchant Overload

Void Walker

The Shaper

The Ghostblade

The Vault

Used a key to open a door.

Return Post

Killed 5 enemies with reflected projectiles.