Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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First Steps

"First Steps" completed

Trial of Fire

"Trial of Fire" completed


"Dead-hands" completed

Test of Courage

"Test of Courage"


"Chuckles" completed

Burning Feet

"Burning Feet" completed

Time on Hands

"Time on Hands" completed

Helpful Guardians

"Helpful Guardians" completed

Path of Memories

"Path of Memories" completed

Welcome to the Forest

"Welcome to the Forest" completed

Jaws of Grass

"Jaws of Grass" completed

The Ambush

"The Ambush" completed

The Willow-pit

"The Willow-pit" completed

Tricky Bush

"Tricky Bush" completed

The Wrathful Guardian

"The Wrathful Guardian" completed

End of the Forest

"End of the Forest" completed

Deadly Tiles

"Deadly Tiles" completed

Blue Fire Maze

"Blue Fire Maze" completed

The Deadliest Trap

"The Deadliest Trap" completed

The Last Guardian

"The Last Guardian" completed

Haim, the cursed prince

You met Haim, the prince who is looking for the Scrolls to save his life

Regal Dash

Here we made our acquaintance with Haim, the cursed prince himself

Antiques connoisseur

Collected 20 treasures

Bubble Chaos

Aided Hero in traversing

Hero's Redemption

You witnessed Hero's redemption.

Eyes for detail

You found the alternative exit.

Nulan, the fire enchantress

You met Nulan, but she didn't seem interested in the Scrolls...

Mastery of Traps

Assisted Hero in getting through

Striped Fantasy

Taken Hero for a stroll down memory lane in

Haim's Eternal Curse

You witnessed the eternal curse of Haim

Nulan's Overambition

You witnessed where being power-hungry led Nulan


Assisted Haim in traversing

Treasure seeker

Collected 40 treasures

The Missing Step

"The Missing Step" completed

Left or Right

"Left or Right" completed


"Powerless" completed

Relic hunter

Collected all the treasures

Forest on Fire

Nulan in a forest. What possibly could go wrong?

Keep Calm

"Keep Calm" completed

The Unusual Duo

Helped Nulan and Haim to reach the exit in

Strategic Pruning

Nulan has a simple mantra: if something stands in her way, just burn it with fire

All's well that ends well

With a bit of luck and naivety everything worked out for Hero, Nulan and Haim.

Perspective Issue

For Haim It's a game of thinking on your feet (and teleporting when necessary)

Dodge Contest

"Dodge Contest" completed

One for All, All for One

Having led three characters at the same time definitely the

Master of Mirrors

snoitalutargnoC! All achievements unlocked!