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No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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You are a real GAMER

Only original gamers can double jump, let's see how much you can do it

From Scratch

Delete the game data and start all over again

The Dead 50

Death is not bad, a proof; that if you died 50 times you will unlock this achievement!

mamoniem's guest

The core Designer of Coated's world still somewhere trapped inside his world, go and visit him...

A 100 Purple

Get Coated 100 times with Purple color

A 100 Green

Get Coated 100 times with "Green" color

A 100 Yellow

Get Coated 100 times with "Yellow" color

A 100 Red

Get Coated 100 times with Red color

A 100 Orange

Get Coated 100 times with "Orange" color

A 100 White

Get Coated 100 times with "White" color

A 100 Magenta

Get Coated 100 times with "Magenta" color

A 100 Cyan

Get Coated 100 times with "Cyan" color

A 100 Black

Get Coated 100 times with "Black" color

As red as Meat

A boy made of meat, he got lost at Coated's world. Could you find him?!

A 100 Blue

Get Coated 100 times with "Blue" color

The red Schwarzenegger

How tough your muscles are when you are red Coated?!

The triple shower

It is not only about coating, cleaning is better

The Teleporterer

Teleport as much as possible!

Active that lazy jungle

The Jungle is lazy, because the boss is lazy. Find a way to active that jungle

The Cleaner

Not all crates are there for good, throw away one

The Crown Capturer

Don't just kill the "Lazy Jungle", but get his CROWN too

Reach at 1 Day

Could you finish Coated at the same day you started?

Super Stealthy

Hide between the smoke, with 3 different colors at the same level

Never Lost

Pass the whole game, without using the world map

As lucky as Mario

A hidden can take you away, but where it is!?

I'm color blind

Being a color blind is not that bad, try to play with the color blind mode if you dare

Be careful

Could you pass the whole game without death?

The yellow chamber

It is hidden somewhere,....or somehow...!

4 Eyed and Satisfied

Can't see well with 3 eyes,...?! Then get a 4th eye!

Hidden in a bucket

Buckets not only for coating, try it with several buckets!