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No missable achievements (plus 69 unknown)

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Spin to Win!

Spin Karma's Wheel.

Top 10

Reach XP level 10!

Playing Chicken

Play Cluckin' and Duckin'.

Ready for Liftoff

Unlock Crystal Caper.

Catch of the Day

Collect Bog Bouncer, Giggle Fish, Hammer Tooth, Mango-lope, Pungent Leaper, and Smug Snapper.

Gone Fishing

Collect Common Caster, Basic Fishbowl, Moon Ray, Sunny Ray, and Fishing Cap.

Dare to be Rare

Collect Big Chooba, Macho Fish, P.B. Jelly Fish, Sprite Chaser, Stick Fish, Dolphicorn, and Omega Mega Guppy.

Drive for 25

Reach XP level 25!

BFF (Bloom’s Friend Forever)

Reach SP level 20 with Bloom!

My First Garden

Collect Bloom's Chimenea, Amazing Grass, Amazing Flowers, Amazing Tree, and Silvertip Flower.

Pasta Pals

Reach SP level 20 with Cannoli!

Fantastic Fish

Collect Gold Shark of Destiny, Princess Ruby Fish, and Steve.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Reach SP level 20 with Bobin and Sinker!

Rocket Science

Reach SP level 20 with Cosmo!

Space Racer

Unlock Space Chase.

Crafty Carpenter

Reach SP level 20 with Brick!

Princess Style

Collect Enchanted Gloves, Enchanted Slippers, Enchanted Skirt, Enchanted Top, Enchanted Wings, Enchanted Jacket, and Enchanted Wand.

Scary Larry

Unlock Mech-a-Nix Mayhem!

Kooky Cooking

Collect Patio Set, Mega Meatball, Cannoli Cart, Pasta Pinwheel, and Chef's Chimney.

Pillage and Plunder

Collect Pirate Captain Hat, Pirate Pants , Pirate Boots, Pirate Jacket, and Pirate Shirt.

Garden Ranger

Collect Junior Ranger Hat, Ranger Vest, and Bloom Backpack.

#1 Fan

Reach SP level 20 with Twinkle!

Galactic Victory

Defeat Mech-a-Nix Mayhem!

Ice Cream of the Crop

Collect Gelato Stache, Double Cone Headphones, and Big Scoop Bomber Jacket.

Treasure Finder

Collect Crates, Rune Hat, Rune Jacket, Rune Tent, and Statue.

Treasure Hunter

Earn all five of Rune's rare items from Treasure Hunting!

Cherry on Top

Reach SP level 20 with Gelato!

Comic Relief

Reach SP level 20 with Howl!

I'm 50!

Reach XP level 50!

Design Guru

Reach SP level 20 with Draper!

3 Zing Circus

Collect Biscotti, Hawt Dog, and Charcow.

Hair Care

Collect Orange Afro, Puffy Punk Wig, Frosted Wig, Granny Wig, Amazing Mohawk, and Crystal Mohawk.

Zero Gravity

Collect Hover Chair, Hover Couch, Hover Love Seat, Hover Pod, Hover Spotlight, and Hover Table.

Spacey Style

Collect Space Hologram, Robo Chair, Little Larry Lamp, Cosmic Floor, and Space Pod Bed.

Just Joking

Collect Balloon Bench, Funny Flowers, Googley Eyes, Whoopee cushion chair, Circus Vanity, Howlarious Comedy Stage, and Howl's Trampoline.

Deck The Walls

Collect Modern Fall Wallpaper, Cosmic Wallpaper, Cannoli's Wallpaper, Busky's Wallpaper, Nibs style Wallpaper, Howl's Wallpaper, Diva Wallpaper, and Pink Wallpaper.

Icebox Blaster

Earn all five of Gelato's rare items from Icebox Blast!

Designs By Draper

Collect Draper Hedge, Draper Park Bench, Garden Statue , Sprite Lamp , Transparent Waterfall Wall, Garden Vine , and Zigzag Hedge.

Artful Ally

Reach SP level 20 with Nibs!

Got Rhythm

Reach SP level 20 with Busky!

Ice Cream Dreams

Collect Super Sundae, Gelato's Cart, Frozen Flowers, Mochiman (Snowman), Sprinkle Snow Machine, Ice Cream Tower, and Gelato's Sundae Slide.


Buy all the Cardboard Bot items in the World Shop.

Sweatin' To The Beat!

Collect Workout Leggings, Workout Top, Workout Headband, and Yoga Mat.

Castle Living

Collect Castle Vanity, Castle Dining Table, Castle Bed, Castle Dining Chair, Castle Photo, Castle Door, and Castle Throne.

Holiday Fun!

Collect Holiday Door, Holiday Window, Spinning Holiday Tree, Elf Jacket, Elf Hat, Snow Machine Hat, Snowflake Gloves, and Snowflake Hoodie.

The Royal Treatment

Reach SP level 20 with Talia!

Strawberry Spirit!

Collect Strawberry Cheer Wig, Strawberry Cheer Top, Strawberry Cheer Skirt, Strawberry Cheer Shoes, and Strawberry Pom Poms.

Blueberry Blast!

Collect Blueberry Cheer Wig, Blueberry Cheer Top, Blueberry Cheer Skirt, Blueberry Cheer Shoes, and Blueberry Pom Poms.

Space Academy

Collect Space Academy Helmet, Space Academy Jacket , Crystal Backpack , Space Academy Boots, Space Academy Pants, and Space Academy Gloves.

Knight Time

Collect Knight Shield, Knight Armor, Knight Gloves, Knight Pants, Knight Helmet, and Knight Boots.

Being Frank

Collect Monsterious Head, Monsterious Shirt, Monsterious Feet, and Monsterious Pants.

Victorious Viking

Collect Viking Helmet, Viking Armour, Viking Boots, Viking Britches, and Viking Shield.

Creature From The Deep

Collect Jurassic Jumper, Jurassic Paws, Jurassic Feet, and Jurassic Tail.

Toil and Trouble!

Collect Spellbinder Hat, Broom Rider Hat, Crafty Conjurer Hat, Potion Mixer Hat, Wise Witch Hat, and Skilled Sorceress Hat.

Free Chilly

Collect Rasla, Loki, and Toonya.

Monster Mash-Up

Collect Wicked Witch Hat, Webspinner Knapsack, Jurassic Hood, Jack-o-Jacket, Wizard Wand, Beachstormer Boat, Monstrous Mattress, and Witchcraft Cauldron.

Festive Collection I

Collect Festive Snowflake Ball, Festive Mangoberry Cane and Festive Ribbon.

Festive Collection III

Collect Festive Folky's Teardrop, Festive Frosty Teardrop and Festive Delightful Drum.

Festive Collection II

Collect Festive Jester's Ball, Festive Swell Bell and Festive Berrymint Cane.

Ultimate Festive Collection

Collect Festive Felt Acorn, Festive Superstar and Festive Gingerbread Zing.

Lovely Possessions

Collect Lovely Vanity, Flutter Heart Bed, Lovely Chair, Love Grows Plant, Hearts Forever Table and Full of Love Fridge.

Lovely Treats

Collect Ha Ha Candy Heart, UR Pretty Candy Heart, Cuddly Candy Heart, Sweet Candy Heart, Hi/Bye Candy Heart, Be Mine Candy Heart and Kiss Me Candy Heart.

All Set For Spring

Collect Pink Tulip, Orange Tulip, Blue Tulip, Purple Muscari, Blue Muscari, Pink Muscari, Yellow Daffodil, Pink Daffodil and White Daffodil

All You Can Eat

Collect Rich Caviar Sushi, Excellent Egg Sushi, Healthy Handroll, Sweet Salmon Sushi, Shi Si Mi Roll'in, Super Shrimp Sushi and Tasty Tuna Sushi

Sun Set

Collect Blueberry Breeze Chair, Yummy Mangosteen Chair, Orange Burst Chair, Prickly Pineapple Chair and Juicy Kiwi Chair

Fresh Is Best

Blooming Toadstool Bench, Collect Crunchy Cob O’ Corn, Lil Marshmallow Stick, Mega Marshmallow Stick, Zucchini Stick and Camp fire

Sizzling Selections

Collect Rainbow Shrimp Stick, Shweet Shish Kebab, Sizzling Hot Dog, Camp fire and Tent Bed

Rot Lot

Freakish Fence, Creepy Gate, Creepy Lamp, Creepy Crypt, Trunk of Terror and Wicked Willow

Sweet Suite

xmas BerryRolyPoly, xmas Bowtie Berry, xmas candycane1, xmas JollyRolyPoly, xmas KringleDream, xmas mint red, xmas PloomDuff, xmas star cookie2 and Placeable.xmas TwinkleTree