Masquerada: Songs and Shadows achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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The Beginning of the End

Complete the Prologue

A Breath Away From Hell

Defeat the Greater Bolgia.

Scorn the Sorrows

Defeat the Triplets.

Skill Mastery

Fully upgrade a skill.


Defeat the Antiquarian.

Breathe It In

Defeat the Saltbreather.

Mother Knows Best

Defeat the Matron.

This Is Not Our War

Defeat the Ancient Feravaro.


Defeat the Chimera.

The Abyss Gazes Back

Defeat the Mangiatore.

Smoke and Mirrors

Defeat the Ridiro Queen.

Trial by Fire

Win the duel.

I Am The Law!

Defeat the Brehon.

Old Friends

Listen to all of Leventhos' optional dialogues.

A Hero and a Martyr

Clear the final battle.

Songs and Shadows

Watch the Epilogue.

Tag Team Tactics

Trigger 250 Elemental Tags.

Cicero's Sigh

Respec once.

Bright Chorus

Listen to all of Tiziana's optional dialogues.

Hard Worker

Practice in the Training Grounds.

Those Who Came Before

Listen to all of Amadea's optional dialogues.

Smooth Talker

Listen to all of Vasco's optional dialogues.

Light in the Mire

Listen to all of Kalden's optional dialogues.

Time Traveler

Revisit a scene.


Activate 100 Mask abilities.


Collect all inks and runes.


Collect all the codices.