NakedMan VS The Clothes achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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The first of many?

Die for the first time

Tan lines are sexy, right?

Beat the first world

Super NakedMan!

Beat the second world

Game is hard

Die a hundred times

The first NakedMan

Beat the third world

Don't drink and fight naked, kids

I can't let it go

Beat the fourth world

Is this the end?

Beat the game

I don't need your clothes, nor your boots

Beat the fifth level in a good time

Isn't it hot in here?

Beat the first level in a good time

Can I be an avenger?

Beat the fifth world

Are you still here?!

Die five hundred times

Keeping the bald dry

Beat the third level in a good time

Ho-Ho-Howdy, it's NakedSanta!

Beat the fourth level in a good time

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

Sun cream sundae!

Beat the second level in a good time

God is det

Thanx for your support!

True Naked Hero

Absolutely barbaric