Catlateral Damage achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Cat Training Complete!

Complete the tutorial

This and That

Topple 50 unique objects

Photo Gatherer

Collect 10 photos


Stay airborne for 3 seconds

Seeing Red

Defeat the laser pointer

Mess Maker

Knock over 1,000 objects

Mouse Catcher

Catch a mouse

Happy Caturday!

Play the game on a Caturday

These and Those

Topple 150 unique objects

The Cat Life

Be a cat for 30 minutes straight

Objective Pro

Get a score of 2,000 or more in Objective Mode

Cat Nap

Time to Clean the Litterbox

Play in Litterbox Mode for an hour

Night at the Mewseum

Unlock and complete the mewseum in Objective Mode

Major Mess Maker

Knock over 5,000 objects

Supermarkat Sweep

Unlock and complete the supermarkat in Objective Mode


Complete 10 levels total in Objective Mode

Big Meowth

Meow a lot

Well Behaved


Carry an object for 1 minute

All Pawerful

Max out all skills

Purrfessional Cathlete

Play with 100 cat toys

Photo Collector

Collect 100 photos

This Thing in Particular

Litterbox Whiz

Get a score of 2,000 or more in Litterbox Mode

Aww, Thanks!

Look Ma, No Paws!

Complete an objective without using paws

Time Trial

Finish an objective in under 1 minute 30 seconds

Bigger Meowth

Ultra Mess Maker

Knock over 20,000 objects

Furiends Furever

Unlock all playable cats


Complete 50 levels total in Objective Mode

Photo Hoarder

Collect 200 photos

Mouse Hunter

Catch 10 mice