Big Pharma achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Complete all the tutorial levels


Home Remedies

Complete every challenge in the Beginner scenario.

Over Analysis

Successfully analyse at least 20 different effects within a single game


Use a Hadron Collider

The Blood Pressure Contradiction

The Headache Contradiction

Diversified Portfolio

Simultaneously sell one Pill, Cream, Syringe and Sachet.


Simultaneously own 5 active patents.

Land Owner

Purchase every available plot on a 3x3 or larger map.

The Creator

Create and export a set of custom game settings.

High Street Chain

Complete every challenge in the Intermediate scenario.

The Breathing Contradiction

Rolling the Dice

Include at least one random starting research and disabled research in a custom game.

Big Pharmacist

Complete every challenge in the Advanced scenario.

The Big Three

Sell a product which cures Alzheimer's Disease, Cures HIV and is a Cancer Vaccine.

May Contain Side-Effects

Sell a product which contains four different active catalysts.

On Your Marks

Complete every challenge in the Quick Start scenario.


Complete 20 challenges with an Expert rating or higher.

Debt Buster

Complete every challenge in the Crippling Debt scenario.

The Anxiety Contradiction

The Cancer Contradiction


Complete 20 challenges with a Master rating.

An Expansive Achievement

Complete every challenge in the Room to Maneuver scenario.

Spoilt for Choice

Complete every challenge in the Full Unlock scenario.