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No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Home Is Where Your Car Is

Acquired your spot in the garage

No filter

You've taken your first snapshot

Tuned for Excellence

You've won an event with a tuned car

Early Days

You've reached REP Level 10

Wrap It Up

You downloaded a shared wrap

Triple Crown

You won three events in a row

Building Your Stable

You purchased another car for your garage

Guidance From Amy

You competed against Amy's high horsepower contacts

Getting Noticed

You've reached REP Level 25

One For All...

You've found yourself a crew

Training Wheels Off

You've learned to drive with style

That Perfect Moment

You maxed out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment

Social Scene

You got called out by other racers 50 times for your skills

I am speed

You've beaten Magnus' record time

Choo Choo!

You've climbed aboard the drift train!

Single Take Star

You've completed a single-take of Ken's Gymkhana

Urban Outlaw

You've beaten Magnus' personal challenge


You have beaten the Outlaw's "2 roadblocks in a pursuit" challenge

Full House

You filled all the spots in your garage


You've met the legendary builder Nakai-San

Iconic Builder

You've become a Build Icon

Serious Fun

Completed 15 daily challenges

... And All For One

You've reached the top with your crew

The Hoonigan

You've become a Style Icon

Can I Get Your Autograph?

You've reached REP Level 50

Fulfilling The Need

You've become a Speed Icon


You put Ken's or Morohoshi's car in your garage

Kustom Kar

You bought your first Hot Rod

Surprised? Me Neither

You've uncovered the truth about the Outlaw

Wrap Artist

You Shared a Wrap with the Need for Speed™ Community

Full Power

You equipped top end performance parts to all categories on a car

Climbing the Ranks

You Reached Monthly Rank 10 by Completing Daily Challenges

Drag Queen

You won five Drag Race events

Eddie Is Back

You completed Eddie's Challenge

Above The Law

You've become an Outlaw Icon

Beyond Extreme

You tuned a car to max drift or grip settings

The Ultimate Icon

You've become the Ultimate Icon

Filter Addict

You've Taken a Snapshot with a Filter in Snapshot Pro Mode

Zero To Hero

You won an event in Eddie's Car

Hit The Ceiling

You reached REP Level 70


You won events driving Ken's and Morohoshi's cars

Speed Master

You won all the events in a Speedlist

Mental Unblock

Got a 350000 Drift Score in Mental Block with Ken's car

Basic Bronze

You won all the Prestige events

Gold Plated

You won Gold on all Prestige events