Primal Carnage: Extinction achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Carnage Begins

Play Primal Carnage

Helping Hand

In Team Deathmatch, finish a round with the most Assist points on your team.

Alpha Predator

In Team Deathmatch, win a round with the most kills as a Dinosaur

Big Game Hunter

In Team Deathmatch, win a round with the most kills as a Human

Clever Girl

As the Scientist, kill a dinosaur from behind

For Science!

As the Scientist, use both your primary and secondary weapons to kill a dinosaur

Life Finds a Way

Fully heal from a near-death encounter


As any of the Tyrants, devour each one of the human classes

Acro Hunter

Kill 3 Acrocanthosaurus

Come Fly With Me

As a human, successfully escape in a 'Get to the Chopper' match

Rex Rampage

As the Tyrannosaurus, kill 5 humans without dying

Blind Justice

Kill a Dilophosaurus while blinded

Small Arms

As the Commando, kill a Tyrannosaurus with the Desert Eagle

Members Only

As the Dilophosaurus, enter the 'Dilo Clubhouse'


As the Scientist, bring down a Tyrant with tranquilizers


As the Pyro, kill 15 dinosaurs with the flamethrower without dying

The Magic Word

Employee of the Month

In Team Deathmatch, win 10 rounds as Human

Hatchet Job

As the Pathfinder, make a killing blow with the hatchet

Survival Novice

Complete Wave 5 in a survival match

Leap of Faith

As a Predator, pounce a human from a great distance

Common Crafter

Craft a Common item

Pain Train

As a Carnotaurus, hit 5 people in a single charge

Smart Shopper

Purchase a throwable item in a survival match

Common Sense

As the Scientist, reveal 25 dinosaurs with sensor mines

Nice Catch

As the Pteranodon, catch a human dropped by another Pteranodon

Survival Adept

Complete Wave 10 in a survival match

Feet of Fury

As the Acrocanthosaurus, launch 5 humans with a single stomp

Booming Baubles

Get 3 kills with the Ornament Grenade

Uncommon Crafter

Craft an Uncommon item


As the Pyro, kill a Tyrant with the chainsaw

Jurassic Bark

Extinction Event

Kill 1000 dinosaurs

Top Gun

Shoot down 86 Pterosaurs


Unlock a gate in a survival match

Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus

Slay 100 Tyrants

Silent P

As a Pteranodon, kill 5 humans without taking damage

Roast Turkey

As a Pyro, burn 10 Oviraptors to death

Rare Crafter

Craft a Rare item

Survival Expert

Complete Wave 20 in a survival match

Primal Cornage

Find all of the Primal Cornage cereal boxes

Legendary Crafter

Craft a Legendary item


As a Pteranodon, kill 15 humans with dropped Pyros