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No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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My First Poöf

Welcome in your very first adventure!

A brave new dog.

Nice score.


Healed yourself a few times.

Death and decay.

Died already this much?!

Anything butt you!

Used the rolling attack a couple of times.


Dropped some poos.

Knife is knife, la la la la la!

Threw some knives.

High Voltage!

Dropped some electric turrets.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling!

Used the rolling attack a lot of times.

Rolling in the air laughing!

Used the rolling attack a huge lot of times.

Super Skilled Accountant

Good score.


Used the freeze bonus.

All you can heal.

Healed yourself a lot.

Poo poo pi doo!

Dropped a lot of poos!

Mecanic William Tell

Dropped some arrow turrets.

Knife party

Threw lots of knives.

Monsters next door.

Next area available.


Amazing score.

Power ON!

Dropped a lot of electric turrets.

Ice climber!

Used lots of freeze bonuses.

Die hard!

Maybe this is too much!

Maniac healer

Healed yourself too much.

Drop box!

Dropped a huge load of poos!

Knife to meet y'all!

Threw a huge load of knives.

I took an arrow in the knee!

Dropped a lot of arrow turrets.

Saw many friends!

Dropped a few rolling saws.

Breaking the ice.

Used a huge load of freeze bonuses.

Clean sheet!

Dropped some bombs.

More monsters next door.

Another area available.

Lighning is back!

Dropped a huge load of electric turrets.

Did you saw this?

Dropped a lot of rolling saws.


Dropped a lot of bombs!

The roof is on fire!

And enemies keep falling!

Succeed or die tryin!

At least you're persistant.

Mission complete!

Now you can challenge THE WORLD!

Powned de floor!

Dropped a huge load of rolling saws.

Greenish arrow!

Dropped a huge load of arrow turrets.

Bomberman's dog

Dropped a huge load of bombs!