Move or Die achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 66 unknown)

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So, that happened

Get your ass handed to you by the AI Bots


In “Bomb Tag”, pass the bomb right before it explodes


Finish a match with the towers forming a stairway

Last call

Win during sudden death


Win a round of "Color Craze" with more tiles than the other players combined

Mutator Wheel

Pick two mutators in the same match.

Ground Destroyer

Fizzle 200 tiles in "Fizzle Floor"

That guy

Push everybody around in a “Falling Blocks” game

Close Call

Avoid the beam in the very last second in “God Gun”


Grab the hat 5 times in a “Hat Chase” game

Your Own Hand

Kill a player with his own chainsaw in "Chainsaw Backstab"

Jan Itor

Clean up more than half the surface in "Cleanup Crew"

Are you even trying

Finish a round of “Color Craze” without any tile of your color

Show off

Win an online match where your score is greater than the sum of all the other players


Win a round of "Fizzle Floor" after all the tiles have disappeared


In “Jump Shot” shoot an enemy bullet with your own bullet

Trigger happy

Shoot 100 bullets in “Jump Shot”

Laser Digging

Destroy 100 ground tiles in "God Gun"

Easier Said Than Done

Reach the finish line in "Speed Run"

King of the hat

Wear the hat for 100 seconds in “Hat Chase”

Watch Out

Detonate 30 rockets in "Rocket Run"


Eat a candy right when it spawns in “Sugar Rush”


Jump over the ball in "Spike Ball"

Bullet Influencer

Influence the speed of 100 bullets in total in "Super Hot"


Jump and land on a safe patch of ground at the very last second in "Shifty Ground"

From Afar

Score 3 long-shots in a single round of “Hoops”

That Covers It

Play a round of each game mode

Godly Beam

Kill 2 players with a single shot in “God Gun”

Energy Supplier

Be responsible for the creation of 100 orbs in total in "Static Bounce"

Victory by paint

Paint 4000 tiles in “Color Craze”


As the boss, win the round with -over- 90% of your health in “Boss Fight”

Super Hot

Survive until there are over 150 bullets on screen in a round of “Super Hot”


Create 7 static orbs in one round of “Static Bounce”


Clean up 100 splatters in "Cleanup Crew"


Clash your chainsaw 80 times in "Chainsaw Backstab"

Ground Shift

Have the ground shift to death tiles 70 times in "Shifty Ground".

Long shot

Get a kill from the other side of the level in “Jump Shot”

All That Treasure

Gather 1000 golden tokens in "Loot Grab"

You're The Boss

As a player, deal more damage than all the other players combined in “Boss Fight”

Loot Thief

Steal from 3 players in a match of "Loot Grab"


Succesfully acomplish a jetpack dunk in “Hoops"

Mind Killer

Kill 3 other characters in a single round of "Mind Control"

It’s raining death

Last 25 seconds in “Falling Blocks”

Mountain Goat

Climb 300 platforms in "Vertigo"

Not a bright idea

Escape a bomb that’s as big as the entire level in “Detonation Zone”

Boo hoo!

Scare 50 players in “Ghost Scare”

Heaviest Of Bullets

Shoot 100 bullets in "Heavy Bullets"

At Least You Tried

Throw the ball 100 times in "Hoops"

Lotsa Bombs

Drop 100 bombs in total in "Detonation Zone"

Boss Killer

Kill 10 bosses in "Boss Fight"

Sweet Tooth

Chomp down 50 candies in “Sugar Rush”


Build 200 tiles in total in "Building Blocks"

Bouncy Ball

Bounce the ball 500 times against the walls in "Spike Ball".

Futurama Theorem

Swap minds 100 in total in "Mind Control"


Kill 3 players with the rocket explosion while it’s targeting you in "Rocket Run"

Never mind sharing

In a 4 player “Sugar Rush” match, be the only one to eat a candy

You’re it!

Pass the bomb 200 times in “Bomb Tag”


Climb 50 rows in a single round of "Vertigo"


Play a round of "Loot Grab" with "Ronny", the pirate character

That's Pretty Amazing

Kill yourself with your own bullet in "Heavy Bullets"

Start Already!

Toggle "Ready/Not Ready" for a total of 1000 times in multiple online lobbies.

Triple scare

Kill 3 players with a single scream in “Ghost Scare”

Old school

Set up a LAN game with 3 other friends

The Modifier

Publish a mod in the Steam Workshop

Stairway To Heaven

Survive 30 seconds of stairway building fun in “Building Blocks”

Almost There

Run 30.000 Steps in "Speed Run"