Planet Ancyra Chronicles achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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I met Mr.Hart

But I don't trust Mr.Hart

I met Mr.Vaughn

But I trust Mr.Hart more than Mr.Vaughn

I met an Engineer

But he's dead as me

I met a crate

But it's more alive than an engineer

I met a forest

But it didn't return my hello

I met Mr.Bernard

But he trust me more than ghosts

I met a ghost

I wish it didn't return my hello

I met Ms.Alix

But I didn't want to say hello

I met a spaceship

But it's less alive than a crate

I met Mr.Ali

But Mr.Bernard returned my hello instead

I met Solarix Co.

I'm sure A company isn't human

I met the E.Y.E

I couldn't return its gaze

I cog therefore I exist

Heur, Heur

I don't listen Tangerine Dream anymore

It feels right in space travel

I travel to Ancient planets in my dream

Sometimes I feel I don't return back

I met the Vixen lady

All computer voices sounds more soothing than her

Hello Mother my old friend

Darkness is her nicky name

New planets discover

New emptiness to fight with

Rachel Park doesn't live here anymore

Check another station

Sorting through the files

I came his crimes

Duality of Space Travel

One way ticket only

He was only exploring the planet

Some planets don't want to be explored

Mr.Wu went with the wind

If only wind return him back

Mrs.Pickman, you picked the wrong planet

Better luck next time

Mr.Ohrstrom was a good man

His body was sandy blended well with the desert

Mr. Mbire, please proceed to the prodecural desk

It might not be there though

I failed the Biology test

Biodomes never fails to test me.

Ms.Ellyon wasn't fit for the company

They shrinked her bio-cells