Mr.President! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Pennsylvania Rally

Finish Chapter 1

Connecticut Fund Raiser

Finish Chapter 2

Mexican Border

Finish Chapter 3

Chinese Business Trip

Finish Chapter 4

The Cult of Rump

Finish Chapter 5

The Nacho Man

Finish Rasslin' Spot 1

Gitmo Vacations

Finish Chapter 6

Ice Cold Beer Dude

Finish Rasslin' Spot 2

Some Dead Dude

Finish Rasslin' Spot 3

Half Naked Cook

Finish Rasslin' Spot 4

New Day Rasslin'

Finish Rasslin' Spot 5

In Russia For Love

Finish Chapter 7

Rump Rumble 1

The Ban Begins

Rump the Feminist

Finish Chapter 8

Race Warrior

Finish Chapter 9

New York City 2024

Finish Chapter 10

Fixed Time

Rump Rumble 2

Deport the Nonbelievers

Rump Rumble 3

Keep Your Weak

Rump Rumble 4

For Whom the Bell Tolls

29 Immigrants

Toss Out 29 Immigrants in Endless Cleansing