Deadlight: Director's Cut achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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What's on your mind

Find a page of Randall's journal

Lay your hands on me

Survive a close encounter in the main game mode

I Ran (So Far Away)

Escaped from the warehouse

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Tackle a door in the main game mode

Flirtin with Disaster

Tackle an enemy in the main game mode

Welcome to the Jungle

Reached the junkyard

Another one bites the dust

Perform a combo on an enemy in the main game mode

Go back to hell

Defeat an enemy in the main game mode

Don't Lose Your Head

Defeat an enemy with a single melee attack in the main game mode

In the Army Now

Got to the military control

Rust in peace

Aim for the head in the main game mode

Is there anybody there?

Finished Randall's dream

Goodbye stranger

Push a shadow over a railing in the main game mode

Land Down Under

Followed the Ratman to his den

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Faced someone from Randall's past in the Park

What You Need

Find the first health expander in the main game mode

Never Gonna Give You Up

Found Parker in the hockey arena

Under pressure

Finished Randall's nightmare

Holding out for a Hero

Reunited with Stella

Wanted Dead or Alive

Reload the revolver really fast in the main game mode

Tainted love

Finished Randall's flashback

Come Sail Away

Made it to the end


Roll to avoid lethal fall damage in the main game mode

Pickin' Up Strangers

Found all the IDs

Let there be rock!

Beat the high score in Raven Thunder's Rock Legend

Invisible Touch

Beat the high score in Madness Mansion

No Pain, No Gain

Beat the high score in Sport Daisy

Forget Me Nots

Found all of Randall's memories

I want it all

Got 100% of Deadlight


Last more than 13 minutes and 43 seconds in Survival Mode

Beat it

Defeat 200 enemies in Survival Mode

Tales Of Glory

Finished the Nightmare mode