The Last Express Gold Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Short trip for Tyler

Tyler's ready to leave the train

The Black Hand

Meet Milos in your compartment

Cath's dream

You can't stay awake forever

Secret diary

Read a young lady's intimate journal

Catch the beetle

Catch a beetle in the smoking car

Stash the body

Find a quiet place for Tyler to rest

Steal the gold

"Borrow" Kronos's briefcase

Kronos's papers

Read Kronos's private papers

Russian ballet

Find a souvenir of Tatiana's happier days

August's letter

Read August's secret correspondence

Get Anna alone

If you like her, don't be shy

One-way ticket

Arrive in Constantinople

French postcards

Find someone's stash of racy postcards

Take the money and run

101 ways to die