Fortify achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Early Lumbermill

Construct a lumbermill early in the game

The two two towers

Construct all four towers

A new Age

Upgrade a unit to the next tier

Why are you hitting yourself?

Have the spikes around castle or outpost deal the killing blow to an enemy

Clean sweep

Do not take any damage the first day!

Early Quarry

Construct a quarry early in the game

Fire Catapult

Use the catapult

Fire Cannon

Use the cannon

Annoying support

Heal one of your units with the surgery

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Light a tar field on fire

Early Iron Mine

Construct an iron mine early in the game

Rob the builder

Construct all buildings

Understand arcade mode

Reach wave 5 in Arcade mode

Do I smell bacon?

Kill an enemy with a burning tar field

Talk about it

Share your mission score online

Do well in arcade mode

Reach wave 20 in arcade mode


Share your arcade score online


Destroy an opponent's outpost in a multiplayer match

Do amazing in arcade mode

Reach wave 30 in arcade mode

Who's great? You are!

Beat someone in a multiplayer match!

Who's great? You are!

Beat someone in a multiplayer match!

Who's great? You are!

Beat someone in a multiplayer match!

Disturb pet bird

Don't die hard

Finish North mission on Hard

Don't die hard (West)

Finish West mission on Hard

Mission Impossible (West)

Finish West mission on Impossible

Mission Impossible

Finish North mission on Impossible