Beyond Space achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Complete mission with full armor.

Very good. Here is yours pilot license.

Complete tutorial

She was good soldier...

Complete mission 1

Pimp my fighter

Customize a ship.

The more the better

Unlock all weapons

Not the number, but quality counts

Complete mission using only one type of weapon.

Old love will not be forgotten.

Complete mission 2

My space-cola was in that cargo!

Complete mission 4

Pew! Pew!

Destroy 50 enemy ships using Plasma Blaster weapon type.

Your will is admirable

Get destroyed 5 times in a single mission.

Aliens? Or maybe pirates in disguise?

Complete mission 6

Like a ninja.

Complete mission 7

Goodbye Lado

Deafeat Lado

Senator seems to be very loyal man.

Complete mission 11

Size doesn't matter

Defeat two corvettes.

The collector

Unlock all ships.

Trigger Happy

Fire all Donkey Shot missles.

The best defense is a good offense

Complete mission 15

You won this battle, but not a war.

Complete mission 16

Déjà vu

Defeat final boss.

Like F-16

Destroy 50 enemy ships using Donkey Shot.


Destroy 20 enemy ships using Firefly.

Target locked

Destroy 20 enemy ships using Swissman.

Pin Pillow

Destroy 20 enemy ships using Needle or Saber.


Destroy 20 enemy ships using Hammer.

Big bones

Destroy 20 enemy ships using Fatty.

Beacuse i love the way you fly..

Finish game on Normal difficulty.

Couch pilot

Finish game on Relax difficulty.


Finish game on Nightmare difficulty.