Loot Box Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Just Getting Warmed Up

Click 250 times.


Earn $1000 lifetime.

In the Groove

Click 1000 times.

1K Sub Bonus Video

Reach 1000 followers.

100K Subs! Bonus Video?

Reach 100K followers.

Platinum Channel

Reach 1M followers.

One MILLION Dollars

Earn $1M lifetime.

Keeping Up With Demand

Release 10 games.

Oh Canada

Earn $1.53T lifetime. More than the GDP of Canada!

Sequels All the Way Down

Release 25 games.

Saves Me Having to Fire You

Have your developers quit on you during the Studio phase.

Time to Buy a Replacement

Click 5000 times.


Unlock MacGuffin

Flood the Market

Release 50 games.


Purchase all available upgrades.