After The End: The Harvest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Welcome To Space

Begin your adventure

Oh Captain My Captain

Earth Assembly Point

Friend Of The Aliens

Find One Crew Member for the E.A.P

Titan Defender

Defeat 1 Titan

E.A.P Ambassador

Find Three Crew Members for the E.A.P

Naughty Human

Utilize special Meowfka service

Planet Sightseer

Discover 10 Planets

Risky Business

Enter a Blackhole

A Wanted Man

Attain a Wanted level

Monster Trapper

Catch 25 Galactic Creatures

The True Centre

Orkess My Old Friend

Titan Hunter

Defeat 4 Titans

Spiritual Guidance

After The End

Centre Galaxy Incoming!

Unlock the Centre Galaxy

I Know You

Let Maria live

The Creator

Beacon Of Light

Friend Of The Trees

Assist the Serian Tree Spirit

Top Bloke

Assist 10 Entities

Alien Haven

Monster Catcher

Catch 50 Galactic Creatures

Planet Explorer

Monster Wrangler

Catch 75 Galactic Creatures

Titan Slayer

Anubis Battle Champion

Conquer the Anubis Galaxy Creature Battling League

Monster Master

Beacon Of Death

Nocteal Battle Champion

Conquer the Nocteal Galaxy Creature Battling League

Black Eye Battle Champion

Conquer the Black Eye Galaxy Creature Battling League

E.A.P At Full Capacity

Universal Battle Master


A True Traveller

Adventure Mode Champion

Fishing Master


Overcome Battle Arena challenges while playing in Adventure Mode

Property Mogul