Kyn achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Cart trouble

New powers

Free the Aeshir

Friend or Foe?

Rescue the guards


Lucky Man


Return to Vinborg

Completed Mission 1

Chronica Een

One of the sacred scrolls

Call for support

A light in the Darkness

Shipbuilders by the Sea

Completed Mission 2

A Frozen Land

Completed Mission 3

Cities under Siege

Completed Mission 4

Destroy the catapults

Break the Siege

Chronica Twee

One of the sacred scrolls


Mmmmm meat

Repair the broken firestone

Hot, Bright and Shiny

The Hermit

Completed Mission 5

Lower the bridge

A bridge to far

The Third Tri

Completed Mission 6

Hermit Scrolls

Genius or Madness?

Reunite Bengta

Is that you, mother?

The Battle is Joined

Completed Mission 7

The Door to Hell

Completed Mission 8

Chronica Vier

One of the sacred scrolls

Found all FeedStones

Ultimate stone collector

Closing the Gate

Completed Mission 9

Rescue the prisoners

Free at last

Kiera's Training

A young apprentice

Kiera's Training

A young apprentice

Kiera's Training

A young apprentice

Kiera's Training

A young apprentice

Lost Temple Scrolls

Completed Mission 10

Odin's Axecutioner

I am the Law!!

A Last Stand

Completed Mission 11

A Triumphant Return

Completed Mission 12

Chronica Vijf

One of the sacred scrolls

A Battle for Survival

Completed Mission 13

The Dead Return

Completed Mission 14

Friends in Arms

Completed Mission 15

Claiming the Festr

Completed Mission 16

The Red City

Completed Mission 17

Chronica Drie

One of the sacred scrolls

Casual Gamer

Complete Kyn on Casual difficulty

The Choice

Completed Mission 18

Pirate's undying wish


Family Quest

Reunited at Last

Free Gigas

An old man's best friend

Normal Gamer

Complete Kyn on Normal difficulty

Hardcore Gamer

Complete Kyn on Hard difficulty

Brutal Gamer

Complete Kyn on Brutal difficulty

Legendary Gamer

Complete Kyn on Legendary difficulty