Guts and Glory achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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You're The Poop!


Move Out The Way

Seriously injure 50 pedestrians.


Safety First

Complete 10 Tracks with zero injuries to anyone.


'Accidentally' maim/kill your own child excessively.

Hello Good Sir

Complete Official Track Group 'Welcome to Happy Valley,' with no level skips.

Night Owl

Complete any level in darkness.

Community Explorer

Complete 5 Community Tracks


Beer Me Bro

Complete Official Track Group 'The Great Outdoors,' with no level skips.

Be the Yin to my Yang

Complete Official Track Group 'Family Vacation,' with no level skips.

Community Champion

Complete 25 Community Tracks

You Trippin Man

Complete Official Track Group 'Rocket Science,' with no level skips.

Community Curator

Rate 20 Community Tracks

A Walk in the Park

Complete all 'Day at the Park' tutorial tracks, with no level skips.

Hobo Hero

Complete any Official Track with Larry and make all your hobo friends proud!

I'm not Annoying... You're Annoying

Complete 'An Annoying Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet

Tom's Hero

Complete 'Tom's Froggy Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet.

Storybook Finish

Complete Official Track Group 'Child's Play,' with no level skips.

Secret Hunter

Retro Renegade

Crown of Glory

Complete Official Track Group 'The Glory Gauntlet,' with no level skips.


Complete Official Track Group 'Desert Legend,' with no level skips.

There's a Unicorn on my Head

Complete 'A Ridiculous Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet


Complete Official Track Group 'Stunt Tour,' with no level skips.

Sasquatch Hunter

Complete 'A Sasquatch Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet

Katana Master

Complete 'A Kenshin Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet

I Fought a Kangaroo and Won

Complete 'An Aussie Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet

I'm Delirious

Complete 'A Delirious Challenge' in The Glory Gauntlet