Cross of the Dutchman achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Trouble maker

Bring down your first enemies by fists

Local banking

Get your savings

The story begins


Retrieve the fish from the soldiers

Look who's in trouble

On the clock

Slay 10 enemies within 1 minute

Oant moan

Knock down 25 enemies with your fists

With brute force

Slay 4 enemies with one blow

Y U NO LOVE Barrels?!

Destroy 50 barrels or crates

Striking fear into the enemy

Slay 50 enemies

Filling the War chest

Loot 10 chests

One at the time

Kill a general


Officer Hunter

Kill 5 lieutenants

Kimswerd is saved!

Bûter, brea en griene tsiis

Visit Arum for the first time

Steel meets steel

Get your sword

The slayer of Frisia

Slay 250 enemies

This is my sword ...

Healthy investments

Upgrade your HP to the maximum

Mind your head

Kill the first group of soldiers with your sword

Well organized

Leaver dea as slaaf!

Killed 3 times. It is better getting killed, than being a slave.


Loot 250 barrels and crates

By the skin of my teeth

Turning the tides

Cross of the Dutchman

War Lord

Upgrade all your skills to the maximum level


Have 1000 gold in your inventory

No coin, no War

Loot all chests

Home is where the heart is

Found all POI's