Super Splatters achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Clever Shot

Generate 5 different stunts with a single splatter

1,000 Fireworks

Explode 1,000 fireworks pods

You are a talent!

Finish all the "Easy" events in the game

500 Stunts

Reach a total of 500 stunts

Death from above

Do 200 Air-Strikes

Master of Versatility

Achieve 8 different stunts in a single level

Fire in the hole

Throw fireworks pods off the stage


Throw a splatter off the stage


Have your splatter change color while in mid air

Genius Spark

Generate 9 stunts with a single splatter

Splatters Uprising

Slider Pro

Do 5 slides with a single splatter

Trophy Box

Get any 30 trophies

Beat the Master

Do more stunts than the 3-star rating of a hard "Master Shots" event

Combo Nator

Finish 10 "Combo Rush" events

10,000 Fireworks

Explode 10,000 fireworks pods

Chain's Addiction

Chain a single combo through an entire hard "Combo Rush" event

The Mammoth Tamer

Get 20 Mammoth explosions overall

5000 Stunts

Reach a total of 5,000 stunts

Hard Ball

Finish 10 Hard "Master Shot" events

Zen Master

Achieve 3-star rating for 10 "Master Shots" events

First Pass

Achieve at least 1 star in all events

The Billionaire

Get 1,000,000,000 views overall