Hero Academy 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Flawless Victory

Win a Duel without taking any Crystal Damage

Might of the Council

Win 10 Games with a Council Deck

Duelist I

Win 5 PvP Duels


Cast 300 Spells

Cunning of the Dark Elves

Win 10 Games with a Dark Elves Deck

Master Summoner

Summon 500 Heroes

Scribe I

Craft 10 Cards

Unity of the Wardens

Win 10 Games with a Wardens Deck

Gold Rush I

Collect 10,000 Gold


Equip 250 Weapons


Defeat the Wickedpedia

I am Legend

Craft a Legendary Card

Duelist II

Win 100 PvP Duels


Complete 100 Quests

Gold Rush II

Collect 100,000 Gold

Gold Rush III

Collect 250,000 Gold

Scribe II

Craft 250 Cards

Duelist III

Win 2,500 PvP Duels

Scribe III

Craft 1,000 Cards