Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Episode one completed

Now you know how the story began.

The heart of stone

You took away the gargoyle's heart.

Episode two completed

You've found more than you ever wished for at the Kroistham Archive.

And then I choked him...

Kristian told you about his dog.

Episode three completed

New clues and a new enemy! It seems your investigation goes well.

Episode four completed

The murderer is jailed. But why do you feel so depressed and upset?

Kroistham subway

You know the Kroistham subway well.

Episode five completed


Bottoms up!

You tasted all the potions available in the vending machine.

Almost saint

You speak, see and do no evil. No evil at all.

Love your family

Gone wild

It seems, Ruth thinks that you are special, so you deserve something more than friendship.

As the gold glitters

Fistful and pockets of gold! Yeah, you are the real Orvood heir.

Out of mind

You've got an old photo of Oliver Vertran.

Phill said...

The guard told you Phill from Chancellery's story. What a thrill!

The evil wears his face

You've found evil books made from human skin in the Kroistham sewer!


You are a man of disgusting deeds.