Quest of Dungeons achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Paper boy

Complete a quest

Dangerous path

Beat a Boss

Key Master

Unlock a door

I have the key

Unlock Chest

Beat the odds!

Disarm a trap and get loot!

From a distance

Beat Game with Assassin

Easy breezy?

Beat Game in Easy

Some challenge

Beat Game in Normal

Every corner

Find 50 hidden stash

Gold Collector

Pick 1M Gold

The mana within

Beat Game with Wizard

The Slayer!

Defeat 20 Bosses

Listen Closely

You listened until the end


Buy all stock

You have 50 jobs

Complete 50 quests


Beat Game with Warrior

How hard can it be?

Beat Game in Hard


Beat Game with Shaman

Is this Hell?

Beat Game in Hell

Ghost from the Past

Defeat 3 ghosts of a past Hero

Revenge of the Jellies

Beat Rackan Mansion

Fly you fool!

Beat Game in 30m

The Architect

Beat a Custom game in Hard or above with 10 floors

Rock on!

Beat Game with NecroDancer

Back for more

Beat the Rothar Mansion