Cat Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Power of the Arcane

Obtained all seven skills

Felingard Loremaster

Completed the main quest

Saviour of the Cats

Completed all 62 side quests

Dungeon Master

Cleared all 52 dungeons

Super Catventurer

Reached level 99

Fashionista Lion

Obtained all 66 armors and weapons

Furry Armored

Beat Mew Game with the Furry Armored modifier

Stronger Enemies

Beat Mew Game with the Stronger Enemies modifier

Nine Lives

Beat Mew Game with the Nine Lives modifier

Naked Cat

Beat Mew Game with the Naked Cat modifier

Level One

Beat Mew Game with the Level One modifier

The Old Master

Obtain the complete Old Master Set