The Brookhaven Experiment achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Kill 100 enemies.

Abandoned Factory

Survive the first campaign level.


Kill 1000 enemies.

Town Square

Survive the second campaign level.

Quad Damage

Kill four enemies at once with an explosive.

Laboratory Basement

Survive the third campaign level.


Survive the fourth campaign level.


Survive ten waves in a survival map.

Storm Drain

Survive the fifth campaign level.

I Like The Night Life, Baby

Finish a nighttime campaign level without turning on the flashlight.


Survive the sixth campaign level.


Survive the seventh campaign level.

Sangamon Forest

Survive the eight campaign level.

To The Teeth

Acquire all guns and upgrades in campaign mode.

Peoria Caverns

Survive the ninth campaign level.

Radio Tower

Survive the final campaign level.

Smile, You Son of a...

Blow the head off of something large and toothy.

Fireworks Factory

Acquire 200 throwables in campaign mode.


Acquire all guns and upgrades in a survival game.

Ammo Conservation

Survive a nighttime campaign level using only the knife.


Decapitate each enemy type at least once.