NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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The Single Strike

Did an Ultimate Finish.

Team Ultimate Jutsu!

Finished the opponent off with a Team Ultimate Jutsu.

The Loser of a 4-Person Battle

Forced an opponent out of a 4-Person Battle.

Congrats! D Rank Cleared!

D Rank Entry Tournament cleared.

Challenge for a Team Bonus!

Caused a Team Bonus in a 4-person battle.

Behind Creation

"Creation of the Akatsuki" cleared.

Come Forth my Allies!

Cleared an Ally Event for the first time.

The Man Shadowing the Village

"The Two Uchiha" cleared.

Lucky Draw

Used a lottery ticket.

Super Combo!

Did a 50 combo attack.

The One Standing

"The Far Reaches of Hope" cleared.

The Power of True Awakening

Finished the opponent off using True Awakening.

Combo Ultimate Jutsu!

Landed a Combo Ultimate Jutsu.

Guard Destroyer!

Hit a Guard Break attack.

Perfect Win!

Won a battle without taking a single hit.

Slide and Rise to Victory!

Activated a rail action.

Finished My First Job!

Finished a job for the first time.

Skills of a Master

Successfully used a Counterattack.

Seal Barrier Activated!

Hit a Seal Barrier.

The Road to Customization

Customized a character.

Happiness! C Rank Cleared!

C Rank Beginner Tournament cleared.

Ultimate Jutsu Chance Arrives!

Acquired an Ultimate Jutsu Orb.

All-In! Awakening Chance!

Acquired an Awakening Orb.


Cleared the Mecha-Naruto story.

Ultimate Team Work

Finished the opponent off using Support Drive 2.

Shocker! B Rank Cleared!

B Rank Intermediate Tournament cleared.

First Tournament Win!

Won a tournament for the first time.

My First Medal Exchange

Used a medal.

Amazing! A Rank Cleared!

A Rank Advanced Tournament cleared.

All Beg. Ability Caps Cleared!

Cleared all Beginner Ability Cap Survival challenges.

Bargain Hunter

Used a discount coupon.

First Free Battle League Win!

Won a Free Battle League for the first time.

Ultimate! S Rank Cleared!

S Rank Special Tournament cleared.

Ever-Changing Tournament Win!

Won an Ever-Changing Tournament for the first time.

Uchiha's Greatest

Achieve Rank S in both battles in "The Two Uchiha".

All Beg. Challenge League Won!

Cleared out Beginner Challenge League.

All Int. Ability Caps Cleared!

Cleared all Intermediate Ability Cap Survival challenges.

Tears of Joy! S+ Rank Cleared!

S+ Rank Ultimate Tournament cleared.

Ever-Changing League Win!

Won the Ever-Changing League for the first time.

All D Rank Challenges Cleared!

Cleared all D Rank Challenges.

All Int. Challenge League Won!

Cleared out Intermediate Challenge League.

A Birth of a Masterpiece

Achieve Rank S in all 5 battles in "Creation of the Akatsuki".

All Adv. Challenge League Won!

Cleared out Advanced Challenge League.

All Adv. Ability Caps Cleared!

Cleared all Advanced Ability Cap Survival challenges.

All C Rank Challenges Cleared!

Cleared all C Rank Challenges.

You Beat 30 Opponents!

Defeated 30 opponents in Ultimate Survival.

All B Rank Challenges Cleared!

Cleared all B Rank Challenges.

All A Rank Challenges Cleared!

Cleared all A Rank Challenges.

All S Rank Challenges Cleared!

Cleared all S Rank Challenges.

The Perfect Storm Master

Acquired all Achievements.