Ultimate Chicken Horse achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Attach two blocks together with glue

Young Explorer

Unlock a level

Not So Sharp

Die on barbed wire 10 times

Animal Cruelty

Kill people with traps 100 times

Gettin' Fancy

Unlock an outfit

Gettin' the Hang of It

Play 10 games


Glue four blocks together

Droppin' Bills

Die with the coin 10 times

Wilhelm Audition

Fall into the void 100 times


Play 10 games online

Back to the Basics

Win without any special points

A New Friend Appears

Unlock a character


Place 200 traps

Neat and Nimble

Wall jump 1000 times

Seasoned Vet

Play 30 games

Building A Community

Unlock all characters


Kill someone with an arrow 100 times

Space-Time Cadet

Teleport 50 times


Unlock all levels

Greedy McGreedster

Get 50 coins

Solo Master

Score 100 solo points

Spaghetti Award

Die 50 times in a black hole


Play 50 games online

Necromancer Dancer

Get 10 post-mortem points

Full Wardrobe

Unlock all outfits

Takin' On the World!

Play online with a local friend


Kill someone with a hockey puck shooter 100 times

Threat to Public Security

Place 1000 traps

Ultimate Expert

Play 100 games

Comeback Kid

Score 50 comeback points

Clutch Performer

Enter sudden death 20 times