Gloom achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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First of Many

You perished in a dream

Enter the Forest

A place for the lost and demented

Keep Going

Resilience is a virtue

The Renegade

A fallen deity of envy

The Prophet

A false prophet of ill omens

The Rage

An embodiment of deific anger


One-of-a-kind weapon

Enter the Bog

A place for the shunned and forgotten

The Disowned

An orphan of spite

The Wolf

An agent of secrecy


All for one

The Parasite

An instrument of ascension

Enter the Abyss

A place for silence and emptiness

Enter the Theatre

A place for expression and madness


He had it coming

The Abyss

A mirror of null existence

The Writer

A narrator of nightmares

The Ghost

A ghastly tide of salvation

Enter the Limbo

A place for ascension

The Maestro

A pillar of demented art

The Dreamer

A pillar of demented faith


No more dreaming, no more nightmares

The Gate

An embryo of the cosmic way

Cosmic Way

A grander existence


You've got the hang of it

Enter the Throne

A place for gloom


The book in all its glory


To retrieve what was once lost

The Monarch

Most renowned of them all

I Wanna Be the Dreamer

Well that's just sadistic


Win in less than 12 minutes

One with the Blade

Leo's blades and both eyes simultaneously


Must be routine at this point

Baby Streak

Three wins in a row

Now That's What I Call a Streak

Ten wins in a row

Put the Dev to Shame

Win in less than 8 minutes and 30 seconds