Dragon Saga achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 117 unknown)

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Vegabond Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Vegabond 1 time

Combo Noob

Achieve 100 Combo

Rookie Hero

Acquire upon completing 10 hero quests.

Vegas Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Vegas 1 time

Take it like a Rookie!

Become level 10.

Sangka Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Sangka 1 time

Rookie Adventurer

Acquire upon completing 10 adventure quests.

Clumsy Apprentice

Become level 20.

Kunkah Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Kunkah 1 time

Expert Transformer

Achieve a 1st Class Promotion.

Hookah Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Hookah 1 time

Combo Prodigy

Achieve 300 Combo

Alvida Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Alvida 1 time

Collection Art

Collect 300 Souls.

Delivery Boy

Acquire upon completing 100 repeat quests.

Artis Rookie

Defeat Artis 1 time.

Combo Expert

Achieve 500 Combo

Lord of Night Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Lord of Night 1 time

Dollar Man

Collect 100 Gold.

Ahtoo Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Ahtoo 1 time

Master Transformer

Achieve a 2nd Class Promotion.

Combo Master

Achieve 1000 Combo

Rokko Rookie

Acquire upon hunting Rokko 1 time

Your Soul Belongs to Me

Collect 1000 Souls.


Achieve 2,000 combo.

Sangka Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Sangka 7 times

Hookah Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Hookah 10 times


Collect 1000 Gold.

Space Traveler

Acquire upon using portal 500 times.

Uber Combo

Achieve 5,000 combo.

Alvida Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Alvida 10 times

Collection King

Collect 3000 Souls.

Vegas Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Vegas 7 times

Rokko Expert

Acquire upon hunting Rokko 20 times

Gifted Craftsmanship

Enchant an item to +9

I am untouchable!

Become level 60.

Kunkah Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Kunkah 7 times

God of Transformation

Achieve a 3rd Class Promotion

Good or Lucky

Acquire upon succeeding enchant 100 times.

Legend of Combo

Achieve 10000 Combo

Perry Arial Veteran

Kill Perry Arial 5 times

Bat spider Veteran

Kill Bat spider 5 times

Spirit of Grudge Veteran

Kill Spirit of Grudge 5 times

Unlimited Mileage

Acquire upon using portal 1000 times.

Hookah Expert

Acquire upon hunting Hookah 15 times

Lucky Day

Enchant an item to +11

I'm Still Hanging

Acquire upon failing enchant 100 times.

Sangka Expert

Acquire upon hunting Sangka 10 times

Continental Explorer

Acquire upon completing 300 adventure quests.

Vegabond Veteran

Acquire upon hunting Vegabond 10 times

Should Buy a Lottery

Enchant an item to +13

In the Name of Guild

Acquire upon completing 10 guild quests.

Vegas Expert

Acquire upon hunting Vegas 10 times

Alvida Expert

Acquire upon hunting Alvida 15 times

Official Enchant Manufacturer

Enchant an item to +15

Zaro Expert

Defeat Zaro 20 times

Ahtoo Expert

Acquire upon hunting Ahtoo 20 times

Bat spider Expert

Kill Bat spider 10 times

Perry Arial Expert

Kill Perry Arial 10 times

Galaxy Rookie

Defeat Serpents 1 times

Spirit of Grudge Expert

Kill Spirit of Grudge 10 times

Ice Dragon Kryos Professional

Defeat Ice Dragon Kryos 55 times

Artis Expert

Defeat Artis 20 times.

Precious treasure purifier

Kill Akanai 10 times

Kunkah Expert

Acquire upon hunting Kunkah 12 times

Ice Dragon Kryos Guru

Defeat Ice Dragon Kryos 90 times

Lord of Night Expert

Acquire upon hunting Lord of Night 20 times

Elga Rookie

Defeat Elga 1 time

Woodsman Paul Burnaun Expert

Acquire upon hunting Woodsman Paul Burnaun 40 times

Zaro Master

Defeat Zaro 40 times

Wind Walker Hero

Become level 80.

Prokell Expert

Defeat Prokell 25 times

What are the Odds

Acquire upon failing enchant 500 times.

Galaxy Veteran

Defeat Serpents 10 times

I Saw the Light

Acquire upon succeeding enchant 500 times.

Two heads dog

Kill Cerberus 5 times

Devie Rich Rookie

Kill Devie Rich 5 times

Diabolic Rookie

Kill Diabolic 5 times

Galaxy Expert

Defeat Serpents 20 times


Acquire upon using portal 3000 times.

Money Money Money

Collect 100,000 Gold

Prokell Master

Defeat Prokell 55 times

Bubobubo Expert

Acquire upon hunting Bubobubo 50 times

Precious treasure guardian

Kill Akanai 30 times

Woodsman Paul Burnaun Master

Acquire upon hunting Woodsman Paul Burnaun 70 times

Arka Expert

Defeat Arka 40 times.

God Bless Me

Acquire upon succeeding enchant 1000 times.

Alexandre Professional

Defeat Alexandre 50 times

FrostSoul Avice Professional

Defeat FrostSoul Avice 45 times

Queen Vella Expert

Acquire upon hunting Queen Vella 30 time

Big Time Loser

Acquire upon failing enchant 1000 times.

Carsharp Expert

Defeat Carsharp 25 times

Bubobubo Master

Acquire upon hunting Bubobubo 85 times

Alexandre Guru

Defeat Alexandre 90 times

Killo Expert

Defeat Killo 20 times

Arka Master

Defeat Arka 80 times.

Cerberus trainer

Kill Cerberus 25 times

Karkarous Expert

Acquire upon hunting Karkarous 45 times

Devie Rich Veteran

Kill Devie Rich 25 times

Elga Veteran

Defeat Elga 20 time

Space Cowboy

Acquire upon using portal 5000 times.

Diabolic Veteran

Kill Diabolic 25 times

Pythanous Expert

Acquire upon hunting Pythanous 60 times

FrostSoul Avice Guru

Defeat FrostSoul Avice 80 times

Queen Vella Master

Acquire upon hunting Queen Vella 60 times

Burlune Expert

Acquire upon hunting Burlune 55 times

Karkarous Master

Acquire upon hunting Karkarous 75 times

Pythanous Master

Acquire upon hunting Pythanous 95 times

Agnis Professional

Defeat Agnis 40 times

Carsharp Master

Defeat Carsharp 55 times

Killo Master

Defeat Killo 40 times

Little dog Cerberus

Kill Cerberus 50 times

Devie Rich Master

Kill Devie Rich 50 times

Diabolic Master

Kill Diabolic 50 times

Burlune Master

Acquire upon hunting Burlune 90 times

Agnis Guru

Defeat Agnis 80 times

Elga Master

Defeat Elga 100 time