A Room Beyond achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Yawning Abyss

Looks into all canyons.

Richest in the Graveyard

Travel Memories

Collect clues on how you came to the forest.


Catch a Butterfly.

Ghost Hunter

Banish 30 Evocations of the Wanderer.

Wisdom of the Crows

Observe the Crows carefully.


Read all Books in Episode 2

Art Historian

Look at all the pictures in the monastery.

Intrinsic Compass

Path of Choice


Dig through all sand hills.


Talk to the goldwasher about the cave.


Explore the entire sunken labyrinth.

Travel Memories 2

Collect clues on why you are at this place.

Travel Memories 4

Discover the end of your journey.

Broken Shell

Wisdom from the past

Find the verses of Alain.

Arcane Poetry

Read all pages of the Dreamer's Diary.

The Dreaming Dead

Find 9 statues of Cthulhu.

Relaxing Moment

Use a toilet.



Use two keys inside the house.

Travel Memories 3

Find hints about what is true.

Haunting Expert

Find 4 ways to banish the Wanderer's evocations without battle.

Beaver Totem

Dragonfly Totem

Toxic Seduction

Pop 20 mushrooms.

Wolf Totem

Moth Totem

Snake Totem

Eagle Totem


Return the missing doubloon to the heathen treasure.

Travel Memories 5

Find traces into future.

Soul bound

Look into the eyes of 7 cats.

Unraveled Mystery

Kill all spiders hiding in the garden.

Afternoon Chatter

Talk with the goldwasher's wife about all items that you pick up.

Servant of the great Old

Summon the ancient priest using a precise pattern.

Bear Totem


Guide the 7th cat following red, green and blue.

Cougar Totem

Scorpion Totem

Channel worker

Get a map of the dam system.

Corpse Fisher

Collect some Fishbones.

Salmon Totem