Citadels achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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First Win

Complete the mission The end of an era

King Arthur

Complete the mission Excalibur and finish all quests

Defender of the coast

Complete the mission Holding the Coast and finish all quests


Win a Duel

Tower captain

Reach attack wave 3


Complete the mission The second army and finish all quests

Keeper of hope

Complete the mission Rosslyn Chapel and finish all quests

Garrison commander

Reach attack wave 6

Grail Knight

Complete the mission Grail Knights and finish all quests


Complete the mission The landing and finish all quests

Army trainer

Complete the mission United and finish all quests

Reasonably rich

Accumulate a treasure of 5000 gold


Complete the mission Guthrum's fall and finish all quests

Knight of the Round Table

Win the Knights of the Round Table Campaign


Win a duel in under 30 minutes


Complete the mission Northumbria and finish all quests

Holding the line

Complete the mission Knights advance and finish all quests

Spoils of war

Complete the mission Claiming the lands and finish all quests

King of the castle

Reach attack wave 12

Treasure finder

Complete the mission The Grail and finish all quests


Accumulate a treasure of 10000 gold

Veteran Raider

Complete the mission The escort and finish all quests


Complete the mission Approaches to York and finish all quests

Rich bounty

Complete the mission The withdrawal and finish all quests

Two sides of the coin

Win both campaigns


Win the Invaders of the Round Table Campaign