Blood Code achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Finish the Tutorial.

Buy Immediately

Buy something in grocery store.

Star-mirror is Within My Reach

Get the phone numbers of Locke, Christ and Leo.

Attentive to Detail

Receive a gift from Locke.

My Mind

Send a gift.

Forever Alone

After one year's experience of bad and good, you're left with nothing. Achieve normal ending.


Unlocked all the part-time jobs.

Petty Bourgeoisie Taste

Buy a dessert in coffee shop.

Composed and Calm

Access to Locke plot.

Fall Off Balance

Work hard and watch out.

This is Unscientific

Finish a synthesis in magic house.

Till the End of Time

Perfect Family

Warm and Bright

Access to Leo plot.

Blood and Youth

Access to Christ plot.

Super Scholar

Get 2,000 points in the exam at the beginning of the month.

Learning Nothing

Study hard or go home. Expelled from school.

Elegant and Indifference

Access to Jesse plot.

Unite in Marriage

To the Satisfaction of All

Hard-earned Happiness

Everlasting Memory

Come Up a Little Short

Maybe I should have helped him.

Partings in Life or Death

Once Loved

Strength Ebbing Away

You've struggled for so long, yet he has not come.

The Lost Time

Deep Down in the Lake

Flooded with water, haunted by fear.

Rich Girl

With more than 5,000 gold.