Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Lightly Toasted

Fall in the lava 3 times

Small Potatoes

Bank a total of 100 coins

Beat the Cliff Boss

Beat any boss at the end of the cliffs (225ft)

Beat All Cliff Bosses

Beat Big Mouth and Queen Birdie

Beat the Cloud Boss

Beat any boss at the end of the clouds (600ft)

Mission Complete

Complete 15 missions

Climbing is Serious Business

Bank a total of 1,000 coins

Beat All Cloud Bosses

Beat Mama Squid and a Sky Rider

Beat the Space Boss

Beat Chicken Commander

Cave Climber

Use the climbing gloves 15 times

Mission Master!

Complete 45 missions

High Flying Surfer

Surf 22 falling blocks without touching the ground

Dragon Born

Kill 50 Dragons

Burnt to a Crisp

Fall in the laval 50 times

Springy like a Rabbit

Get a max-level Hopster follower in Endless Mode

Beat the Wizard

Beat the Great Wizard Ohe

Ultimate Boss Battler

Defeat every boss in the game

Upwardly Mobile

Get a max-level Whirly follower in Endless Mode

Gotta go Fast

Get a max-level Speedster follower in Endless Mode

Mr. Moneybags

Bank a total of 10,000 coins

Double Trouble

Defeat both bosses in any double boss battle!

It's Over 3000!

That's impossible. There's no way his height is over 3000ft!