Button Frenzy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Keeping Pace

[Frenzy Mode] Clear 10 lines in 20 seconds with no mistakes.

Speed of Light

[Frenzy Mode] Reach an APM (Actions per Minute) rate of 200.

Perfect Pace

[Frenzy Mode] Clear 10 lines in a row and earn the fast completion bonus for each.

Total Recall

[Recall Mode] Earn a x10 score multiplier.

Night Owl

Frenzy Apprentice

[Frenzy Mode] Enter chain mode 51 times.

A Hot Minute

[Frenzy Mode] Survive for 60 seconds in Hard or Extreme difficulty

Flow State

[Frenzy Mode] Spend an unbroken 60 seconds in chain mode.

Going the Distance

[Frenzy Mode] Start on easy mode and reach Extreme difficulty in one run.

1000 Lines

[Frenzy Mode] Clear 1000 lines.

Flawless Fifty

[Frenzy Mode] Reach a x50 chain.

Recall Master

[Recall Mode] Successfully clear an 8 button sequence.


Zen State

[Frenzy Mode] Remain in chain mode for two unbroken minutes.

The Gauntlet

[Frenzy Mode] Survive for three minutes in Hard or Extreme difficulty.

It was worth a try

Button Friendsy

Place 3rd or higher on a friends leaderboard

Frenzy Master

[Frenzy Mode] Enter chain mode 500 times.

Flawless Hundred

[Frenzy Mode] Reach a x100 chain.

Magic Number Seven

[Recall Mode] Successfully clear fifty 7 button sequences.

One Million

Rack up one million correct button inputs.