Pure Pool achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Won an 8-Ball game

Mixed Accolades

Gained 10 different accolades

Can I Have My Ball Back?

Knocked a ball off the table

The bigger they are..

Beaten a player with a higher rank


Played a double shot and potted

A Chain of Accolades

Gained 10 accolades of the same type

Get out of that one.

Put an opponent in a snooker

That the best you've got?

Got out of a snooker

Did you mean to do that?

Won by the opponent potting the black illegally

More Mixed Accolades

Gained 25 different accolades


Potted 3 or more balls off the break

Banked It!

Played a bank shot and potted

Cue'd Up

Tutorial complete


Won a 9-Ball game

Putting it Out There

Issued a challenge

They're seeing double!

Won a game with a double shot

League of Your Own

Created a pool league

Accolade Century

Gained 100 accolades of the same type

Almost an angel

Won 3 consecutive games of 8-Ball without fouling

Don't give up your day job!

8 balled your opponent in a game of 8-ball

Challenge Accepted

Played 4 different challenges

DNA Sample

Downloaded a players DNA

Winning the Hard Way

Won a game of 9-Ball with the 1-Ball still on the table

Racking them up

Completed a 3 online game win streak

Bank Rolled!

Won a game with a bank shot

Pure Pool Talented

Reached 'Talented' rank

Stars in Your Eyes

Won 100 stars in career mode

Perfect indeed!

Cleared the table in the Perfect Potter challenge


Cleared the table in 8-Ball in less than 70 seconds

Where's the cueball going?

Potted the Black ball and the Cueball

Amateur 8-Ball Champ

Won the Amateur 8-Ball career

On a Roll

Completed a 6 online game win streak

8-Ball Century

Won 100 games of 8-Ball

Amateur 9-Ball Champ

Won the Amateur 9-Ball career

Showing them how it's done

Completed a 9 online game win streak

In different league

Won a pool league

9-Ball Century

Won 100 games of 9-Ball

Pure Pool Pro

Reached 'Pro' rank

Like a Hurricane

Got below 60 seconds in the Snooker Colours challenge

Interesting. You're better than Steve!

Won more than 73 games

Pro 9-Ball Champ

Won the Pro 9-Ball career

Pro 8-Ball Champ

Won the Pro 8-Ball career

Total Snooker

Got over 50 points in the Snooker Breakpoint challenge

It's the Championship shot

Completed the snooker career

Pure Pool Veteran

Reached 'Veteran' rank

80, not out..

Made a break of over 80

Pure Pool Grand Master

Reached 'Grand Master' rank

Master 9-Ball Champ

Won the Master 9-Ball career

Master 8-Ball Champ

Won the Master 8-Ball career

The Ultimate Accolade

Gained at least 1 of each accolade

Maximum break

Scored the maximum of 147 in a single turn