Empire TV Tycoon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Welcome to Empirewood!

Program your first movie

I'm the boss!

Hire a worker

TV Remote

Get over 100.000 audience


Complete an Ad campaign

My First Movie!

Create a movie

At your service

Complete a quest

Noob with a Camera

Make a movie with a rating 6 or more

Fingers crossed

Present a movie to the industry awards


Fail to complete and Ad Campaign

Seven digits!

Get over 1.000.000 audience


Win the unconditional love of an audience group

Well deserved money

Sell a movie produced by you


Win the best movie award


Get over 1.000.000 $

In red

Fall into red numbers

Most watched!

Win movie of the day with a movie produced by you

Fresh content!

Program at least 12 movies of the year 2012 or more


Be really hated by an audience group

Only with professionals

Have a lvl 5 worker

Family member

Ask for a loan

Swimming in money

Get over 2.500.000 $

Live for the People!

Complete a hard quest

Breaking the mold

Get over 25.000.000 audience

Oh! Crap

Make a movie with a rating 4 or less

Under arrest!

Got caught with a pirate movie

The Seventh Art is Born

Make a movie with a rating 9 or more


Don't get caught with a pirate movie

Money isn't a problem

Get over 5.000.000 $

Show me the money!

Complete an Ad campaign worth 750.000$ reward or more


Win all the awards in the same night


Sell a movie produced by you for more than 100000$

The king of the world

Get over 33.000.000 audience


Win the game

To infinity... and beyond!

Get over 40.000.000 audience


Make one movie of each genre in the same game


Lose the game because red numbers

Born in the 80’s

Program at least 12 movies made between the year 1980 and 1989

Touched by the Gods

Make a perfect movie (10 rating)

Get them all!

Win the 4th different best movie award in the same game

Black and White

Program at least 12 movies of the year 1970 or less

Sloth loves you

Promising Future

Win the game in expert mode

Red Fury

Win the game in expert mode with the red channel