Ironcast achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Kill an enemy with a weapon fired on Overdrive

Overdrive Master

Match 2 Overdrive nodes at the same time


Equip an Ironcast ability in all available slots in a single campaign

Link Master

Create a match chain with 4 different types of node

Relentless Assault

Fire your weapons 6 times in one turn

Only The Finest Will Do

Equip a rare system


Reach Global Unlock level 10

Match Master

Match 20 or more nodes in a single chain

It's My First Day...

Your Ironcast has been destroyed by overheating damage


Equip a passive augmentation in all available slots in a single campaign

Stalwart Defence

Keep both Shields and Drives active for 5 turns


Complete a Battle mission at mission 3 or later without taking any damage


Equip a systems augmentation in all available slots in a single campaign

Call to Arms

Gain 10,000 War Assets across all campaigns

Big Spender

Spend 50,000 scrap across all campaigns


Defeat Commandant René Durant

Against All Odds

Win a Battle with less than 5% health left


Reach Global Unlock level 20

Killing Machine

Equip a MKIII or higher system on all four slots in a single campaign


Deal 100,000 damage across all campaigns

Node Master

Match 2,000 nodes in a single campaign


Upgrade an Ironcast to over 1,250 HP in a single campaign


Destroy 100 enemies across all campaigns

Distinguished Service

Complete 100 missions across all campaigns


Kill 3 Enemies in one mission


Win a Survival mission without attacking any enemy

Rule Britannia!

Defeat the final threat facing Britain

Reckless Victory

Win a Battle mission at mission 3 or later without using any defences

Lord of Iron

Reach Global Unlock level 30 

Grand Iron Admiral

Reach Global Unlock level 40