Titan Quest Anniversary Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 96 unknown)

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No burned village?

Save Helos

The first threshold

Pass the Spartans' test

It's dangerous to go alone.

Form a party with other heroes

Nobody did this

Defeat Polyphemus

Hearts of Stone

Defeat the Gorgons

Taste the beast!

Defeat the Minotaur Lord

Found a bug

Cleanse the library

Tough crowd

Defeat the Honor Guard

No more sequels

Defeat Nehebkau

Fight in the shade

Defeat Aktaios


Craft a Lesser Artefact

Discount mercenary

Defeat the Chimera

Be a man!

Defend the Great Wall

Out there on the dunes

Find and defeat the Sandwing queen

Best served cold

Defeat Barmanu


Retrieve a relic from an item

Imperial summit

Meet the Yellow Emperor

Worthy of song

Slay a titan

Can't always use more

Find Medea


Defeat the Graeae

Don't Pay the Ferryman

Cross the Styx

Echoes in Eternity

Walk the fields of Elysion

Good point

Puncture four enemies with one arrow

When Gods Fall

Finish the Hades storyline

Odysseus' 11

Loot Hades' treasure vault


Assemble 50 relics

Fifty Shades

Dark corners of the map

Defeat Shadowmaw on Normal before leaving Greece

New lands

Journey north of the Alps

A matter of principle

Find and defeat Talos

Strength of Atlas

Hit an enemy for 100.000 damage


Complete 50 charms

Call of Nature

Travel with three Wolves and a Nymph

The one she forgot

Acquire the mistletoe

Master Artificer

Craft a Greater Artefact

What lies below

Open the ancient gate

Mission Accomplished

Find new friends

Agreeable pursuit

Find and defeat the Boar Snatcher

Delayed until further notice

Finish the main storyline

The power of Set

Wear five matching set items

Down to the 'core

Find and defeat the Manticore

Turtle Power


Beast of Beliar

Find and defeat the Dragon Lich

Sisyphus go home!

Have a character reach level 75


Phantom Strike six enemies at once

Precision Dvergan Engineering

Improve a legendary item


Stun an enemy for 10 seconds in one hit


Have 14 enemies afflicted by Plague at once

Masterful start

Reach level 2 without taking any damage

What it says on the tin

Find and defeat the Hydra

Dear diary...

Defeat King Arganthonios

Double Standard

Have two Battle Standards up at the same time


Defeat The Ancient One


Defeat Ladon

Hardcore Player

Finish Normal difficulty with zero deaths


Defeat Tiamat


Defeat Lyktos


Heal other players for a total of 200 000 health

Rock beats scissors

Defeat ten enemies over the course of one Stoneform spell


Finish Normal difficulty without selecting a second mastery

Pharaoh's curse

Beginner's Luck

Defeat Tartarus on Normal difficulty

Someone your size

Beat Polyphemus while in Colossus Form

Son of Hephaestus

Craft a Divine Artefact


Have ten different class characters of at least level ten

Achilles' Equal

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Warfare character

I have minions for that

Finish Normal with a personal kill count of less than 100


Burn an enemy's mana for 2500 damage


Mind control six enemies at the same time

Living the Dream

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Dream character

Hardcore Master

Finish Epic difficulty with zero deaths

Daemon ex machina

Summon a level 20 Outsider

One Man Phalanx

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Defense character

Titanic Game Hunter

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Hunting character

Target immobilized

Keep an enemy ensnared for 30 seconds


Kill 100.000 monsters with a single character


Find Andvari's lost treasure

Force of Nature

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Nature character

Together we stand

Cast Rally on yourself and 3 other players

Greece Lightning

Finish all 3 difficulties in less than 20 hours play time

I am the Storm

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Storm character

Master of Shadows

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Rogue character

Hardcore Legend

Finish Legendary difficulty with zero deaths

The power of Osiris

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Spirit character

Sick lewt


Have 10 enemies running around confused

Trail of Ashes

Beat Legendary difficulty as an Earth character


Have 12 enemies sleeping simultaneously

Breaker of Chains

High Roller

Defeat Tartarus on Legendary difficulty

Avatar of Thanatos

Kill half a million monsters

Double or Nothing

Defeat Tartarus on Epic difficulty

Bloody Roots

Have 10 enemies immobilized at the same time

Wodan's Knowledge

Beat Legendary difficulty as a Rune Mastery character

Give me your Lupines