Bloodbath Kavkaz achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Ahaha, memes, finally

Launch game

Welcome to Moscow

First death


Find crowbar

The Titan Sweater

Complete a level without dying

Shamil Is At It Again

Kill 100 enemies

Dancing King

Defeat Pavel


Kill 300 enemies


Complete level Epilipsiya not turn off the game

Lead belly

Drink 40 yashkas

Be Afraid of 228

Complete 5 levels using the 228 Hat

Go sex

fuck nyashu


Die 100 times

Keep Your Enemies Close

Find the developers’ room

Against the system

Beat the homeless

Saints reptilians

Find Illuminati

Your Momma Jokes

Defeat Volnov

Chronic Gastritis

Eat 50 Shawermas


Take a bat in the armory Zhorik


Start cp.exe


Winning the game Prees X to Win

Made in USSR

Defeat Zulphia

Moscow Annihilator

Kill 1000 enemies

I raise the country


Door Hater

Break Down 300 doors

Wait, What The Hell Was That?

Complete the game

Live and die again

Die 200 times

Drink for love

Drink 100 yashkas


Refuse the final battle

M n o g o h o d o v o c h k a

Kill 1337 enemies


Complete 5 levels using the Anon Mask

Just like in humans

Beat the game on Normal difficulty

Good guy

Shy Kind

Complete 5 levels using the /b/tard paper bag

And so come down

Complete the game on difficulty Sucker


Roast 50 homeless


Complete 5 levels using the Kamina Glasses

Not like everything

Beat the game on Hardcore

Go away

Die 500 times


Roast 100 homeless