WazHack achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Birthday Boy

Make a wish as a male character.

There can be Only One

Get any unique item.


Kill 100 mobs with ranged wand attacks.

Iron Man

Sell 200 weapons, except arrows.

Birthday Girl

Make a wish as a female character.

Planet Brain

Pick up 1000 pieces of paper.


Win the game.


Have 10 pets alive at once, not undead.

Four Tens

Get to level 10 with 4 characters.

Mega Blaster

Kill 1000 mobs with ranged wand attacks.

Mixed Mythology

Find 10 different unique items.


Win eating no meat and only certain goos.


Win only eating meat and certain goos.

All Tens

Get to level 10 with all characters.


Win the game on Nightmare III above level 7.

Loot Meister

Get every possible item.

Winning Streak

Win playing the whole game in your underwear.

You Can Stop Now

Win the game with every character.

Trouble Maker

Kill every mob type at least once.