Minion Masters achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Ranked Winner

Win 3 Ranked Battles.

The Stone League

Reach the Stone League.

Apprentice Collection

Acquire a collection of 25 cards.

Ranked Conqueror

Win 10 Ranked Battles.

Common Crafter

Craft a Common card.

The Bronze League

Reach the Bronze League.


Claim 5 Achievements

Defeat them all

Win against 8 different Masters.

Daily Winner

Complete 3 Daily Quests.

Challenge accepted!

Complete 5 solo challenges.

Rare Crafter

Craft a Rare card.

The Silver League

Reach the Silver League.

Tactics Study

Watch a replay.

Deck Maker

Create 3 decks.

Challenge completed!

Complete 10 solo challenges.

Power Gatherer

Use 25 Power Tokens.

Novice Collection

Acquire a collection of 50 cards.


Complete 15 Achievements.

Ranked Annihilator

Win 50 Ranked Battles.

Supreme Crafter

Craft a Supreme card.

Daily Conqueror

Complete 10 Daily Quests.

Close one

Win a Ranked Battle with less than 100 Health left.

Ranked Obliterator

Win 100 Ranked Battles.

Spell Slinger

Play 5 spells in a row during a Ranked Match and then win.

Resource Gatherer

Use 20 Resource Tokens.

Know it all

Win a Ranked battle with 8 different Masters.

Master Collection

Acquire a collection of 100 cards.

Daily Annihilator

Complete 25 Daily Quests.

Legendary Crafter

Craft a Legendary Card.

Power Manager

Use 100 Power Tokens.

Legendary Royale!

Complete 30 Achievements.

Daily Obliterator

Complete 50 Daily Quests.

Resource Manager

Use 50 Resource Tokens.

Friend Challenger

Play a friendly challenge with 3 different friends.

Ranked Master

Win 500 Ranked Battles.

Power Master

Use 250 Power Tokens.

Daily Master

Complete 100 Daily Quests.

Resource Master

Use 100 Resource Tokens.